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Innovation Hubs are designed to help companies improve their processes, products and services using digital technologies.

The digital revolution brings opportunities for big and small companies, but many businesses still find it difficult to know in which technologies to invest and how to secure financing for their digital transformation. Within this context, Innovation Hubs can help ensure that every company, small or large, high-tech or not, can explore and take advantage of digital opportunities.

Under the Belfast Regional City Deal Digital Pillar, Newry, Mourne and Down District Council are proposing the development of a state of art Innovation Hub within the Newry Civic Centre and Theatre complex. It is envisaged that this project will develop a future-proofed way of stimulating innovation and developing greater awareness and uptake of new and emerging digital skills for students, entrepreneurs and local businesses.

Through the Belfast Region City Deal Digital Pillar, this project aims to transform the region’s innovation and digital capabilities. This will involve creating centres of innovation excellence in priority growth sectors in collaboration with key stakeholders. The Innovation Hub is proposed to stimulate an increase in private sector investment, creation of jobs and encourage industry collaboration across the Belfast City Deal region. The project will serve as a vehicle for transformation on a regional basis and therefore, play a key part in a more inclusive vision of the smart district / smart city proposed by the City Deal Proposition.

The Council is keen to discuss the planning of this new hub with relevant stakeholders across the district and throughout Northern Ireland.

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