Together we can help close the gender gap in business once and for all.

We’ve teamed up with to create a website for you to get your ideas off the ground and help start your business.

Without funding, your idea is just that. In the UK, hardly any start-up funding goes to businesses led by women. Together we can change that.

Back Her Business lets you showcase your business ideas, and gives everyone the chance to back women-led businesses through crowdfunded donations.

But backing isn’t just about funding. It’s about believing in the person behind the idea. So through Back Her Business, we support women like you with coaching, mentoring and collaboration to help you succeed.

What’s more we’re also offering up to 50% of your fundraising target (max. £5,000) in grant funding for certain successful projects. You can read more about how this works in our eligibility criteria.

UK residents with new UK projects can apply. Eligibility (including type of project), and specific criteria apply. Fees apply, see the help centre for more details